Monday, June 28, 2010

Hi! My name is Tutu :3

ho's the cutie above you ask? Why that's my baby panda bear aka Panda. Hence the "baybeepanda".. I know.. you're thinking who spells baby, b-a-y-b-e-e anymore?? Too bad I was hardcore A-Z-N in middle school when I made my first aim sn, and.. it just stuck. So.. I'm pretty much a noob at blogspot, but seeing as I love browsing others, I want to try one out myself :).
Since this is my first post, I'll introduce myself by listing 10 fact about ME!

10 AWESOME fact about Tutu ;3

1. I have the most AMAZING boyfriend <3.
2. I am a Thai American.
3. Recently, I've been loving TEQUILA!
4. I like baking, especially for people I love.
5. At first, I'm really shy, and it's hard to get to know me.
6. But once you're my friend, I'm really open and will be loyal till the end.
7. I be jammin' to some rap and r&b, occasionally pop: it's so darn catchy!
8. My fave color is hues of green: teal/turquoise (you'd know this if you walked into my room!)
9. I enjoy make up and beauty related products!
10. Some of my fave makeup gurus include: Makeupbyleinabaaaby, Itsjudytime, Michellephan, Julieg713, and hollyannaeree, and many many more!